My Podcast Project

Welcome to my Podcast Project Jingle


Main objective: During the Term, each week during Departmental Meetings one teacher will reflect on a teaching strategy implemented in the classroom as part of the Continued Professional Development Sessions. 

Level: Advanced

Class type: Teachers 

Aim: To demonstrate and share with colleagues how to be a Reflective Practitioner

Activity focus: speaking Time: Max 3 minutes 

Material: Computer with access to Internet / Headphones

1.Head of Department (HoD) tells teachers that they will record reflections about teaching strategies they have used in the classroom as part of their Continued Professional Development each week using Podomatic. 

2. Teachers sign up to Podomatic. 

3. Department creates a blog in Blogger. 

4. HoD shows teachers how to record using Podomatic. 

5. HoD shows how to write a reply to a Podomatic audio. 

6. HoD shows how to create pages in Blogger.

7. HoD shows how to embed audio files in Blogger.

8. A teacher records his/her reflections each week and embeds podcast on the Department blog page titled Reflections on My Practice.

9. The other teachers listen to the recording and leave comments or questions on the Department’s blog. 

10 The Vice Principal (Curriculum) creates an account in Blogline to add each Department’s URL so to visit this site to receive updates. Each HoD can also embed the Bloglines code to his/her Department’s blog sidebar so that teachers in his/her Department can comment on teachers in other Department’s podcasts and so have exchange of ideas.

11. At the end of the Term, the HoD will have each teacher share what insights they gained from the comments made to their podcasts

12. At the end of the Term, the Vice Principal will select podcasts from each Department that can be described as best practice and discuss these with the HoDs as they plan for Professional Development for the next Term.


  1. What a great project, Stace!!!! I love it! Very original and interesting. I'd like to do something similar with my colleagues at the university. The promo podcast is a blast of emotion!!! Excellent! That is what we wanted. Yeah!!!!Congratulations!

  2. Hi Stace,

    Taking time to reflect is an essential part of teaching and learning. I wish you the best.

  3. Thank you Evelyn and Jose I could not have done all this without you guys and Miguel. I enjoyed this EVO session immensely